Why should you take part?

  • Increase visibility of your business: Your project will find reference in our marketing campaigns including mailings, reports, evaluations and press releases and will therefore spread the word about your outstanding performance internationally
  • Boost your project: Foster enthusiasm and prestige of your efforts among your colleagues, employees, management and team members
  • Help a good cause: we.CONECT will select a charity on behalf of the winners and exclusively donate $ 1,000 to support their individual projects
  • Intra.NET USA Award
  • Review
  • Charity
  • T&Cs

When was the last time you have gone above and beyond for something you truly enjoyed doing? Not many projects that come your way probably grab your entire attention and make you put in the extra work to exceed expectations and meet the set targets. And what does dedication, commitment and tenacity deserve? Exactly, recognition and a true celebration!

Presented by we.CONECT, the prestigious Intra.NET Award exclusively recognises, celebrates and honours exceptional projects in the following categories:

  1. Intranet Integration, Strategy & Digital Workplace Management
  2. User Experience Design & Content Management

What’s in it for you?
• Shine and increase the visibility of your project and business
• Boost your project and foster enthusiasm of your efforts among your colleagues, employees, management and team members
• Help a good cause as we will select a charity on behalf of the winners and exclusively donate € 1,000 to support their individual projects
• Celebrate your achievements and the hard work you have put in
• Share your success with the entire Intra.NET Community

Official Award Ceremony 2018
We are inviting all intranet professionals, web, social media and communication minds to apply with their intranet concepts for a unique chance to showcase their outstanding achievements. Based on all entries, the jury will select 3 finalists in each category, who will get the exclusive chance to present their project during the official award ceremony and networking dinner in Boston. All winners will not only receive a certificate and a trophy, but we.CONECT will also donate € 1,000 to a charity on their behalf.

Award key dates
Application deadline: closed
Announcement of nominees: March 2018
Award ceremony: April 23, 2018

Our Intra.NET Boston Award Jury 2018
We’re grateful to have our esteemed advocates and jury members on board. They are the judges when it comes to evaluating all projects and making the final decision as to who will be the proud nominees and finalists. To find out more information about them, their backgrounds and motivation, please visit our intranet.experts site.

Intra.NET Award Winner Boston 2017

Winner of the Intra.NET award 2017 in the category ‘Intranet Integration, Strategy & Digital Workplace Management’ as well as in the category ‘User Experience Design & Content Management’ was UPMC with their project ‘UPMC’s Intranet – From Wild West to No Mess’. UPMC’s Internal Communications team was challenged to create a platform that provided their staff with all necessary tools while also keeping them up-to-date at all times. They focused on improving the staff experience, gave them better access to their work tools and built a platform that Internal Communications could continue to support and evolve for years to come.

The 2nd place of the Intra.NET award 2017 in the category ‘Intranet Integration, Strategy & Digital Workplace Management’ went to EY with their project ‘Knowledge Transformation’ and the 3rd place to Edward Jones with their project ‘eSignature Call Prevention’.

The 2nd place of the Intra.NET award 2017 in the category ‘User Experience Design & Content Management’ was awarded to Mercer with their project ‘Reimagining Mercer Link’ and the 3rd place went to White & Case with their project ‘ReConnect Intranet Project’.

Supporting a good cause is at the very heart of our ambitions. Throughout the years we have carefully researched and selected charities that are close to our heart and deserve special recognition.

Charity Partner 2017

DKMS is a not for profit organization and was founded on May 28, 1991, by a private initiative and due to the blood cancer patient Mechtild Harf. With more than 7.1 million registered stem cell donors and international locations like Germany, the USA, Poland, Spain, and the UK, the DKMS family is the largest association of stem cell donor centers worldwide. At the present time, at least 18 DKMS members donate stem cells for blood cancer patients around the world each and every day.

Every 15 minutes someone is diagnosed with blood cancer in Germany. Whether children or adults – no one is safe from this disease but with the donation of stem cells, we may be able to defeat blood cancer. For a transplant of stem cells to be successful, the patient’s and donor’s tissue characteristics need  to be an almost exact match – which is a challenge, since the probability of finding a perfect match lies anywhere between 1 in 20,000 and 1 in several millions. Therefore we need to get as many people as possible registered, to increase the chances of finding a matching donor for every blood cancer patient.

In principle, anyone between 17 and 55 years of age can be registered as a potential stem cell donor. The most important thing is that you are physically fit, do not suffer from any chronic diseases, and you don’t belong to any risk groups. Your tissue characteristics are determined by just using a simple swab from the inside of your cheek or by a blood sample. After providing DKMS with your swabs or blood samples and your signed consent form, you can be a part of the DKMS family – and get the opportunity to give a blood cancer patient a second chance at life. Individuals as well as entire families, companies, associations, and many celebrities have joined us in serving a good cause – with more and more signing up each and every day.

Terms and Conditions

  • All details must be submitted in English
  • Your award application must refer to an intranet project in your company
  • Only projects that have been implemented or are already in an implementation phase are being considered
  • The project implementation of the project must not date back longer than 2 years
  • A company may nominate more than one project for the award, however not in the same category
  • The jury will only consider applicants who have completed the award application with all required details and will nominate projects for each category
  • All nominees will be asked to prepare a 2 minute-long video showcasing their project. Style, format and content can be based on individual / corporate design
  • The video will be shown live on stage at the award ceremony on April 23, 2018
  • Failure to provide a video may result in disqualification
  • Besides being used for evaluation-purposes, the information provided by applicants may be published in further channels (website/portal/social media) by we.CONECT
  • All nominees must be present at the award evening or alternatively send a representative
  • By submitting the application, you agree to the terms & conditions of we.CONECT
  • We reserve the right to publish your project under your name and company name respectively. It is therefore advisable to ensure that all submissions are fully approved by your organisation before applying
  • Solution providers and consultants are not allowed to enter award, however they may apply with one of their customer’s projects
  • Decisions of the jury are final and may not be disputed. The jury will adhere to our award guidelines
  • No applications for the Intra.NET Boston Award 2017 will be considered after the deadline March 09, 2018